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The Silent, The Canted Angle, The Homage: A Brief History of Film This Week.

This week’s picks are by comedian Gary Lunt, co-host of the ‘Film Book Club’ podcast and full time James Bond nerd.


Alternative German Silent Film Night: Bristol Silents Club Screening

29/07/2015 – 07:30 pm
The Lansdown – The Lansdown, 8 Clifton Road, Clifton, BS8 1AF

If it was up to Hitchcock, ‘the talkies’ would’ve just been a passing fad/gimmick, much like 3D, Smell-O-Vision and Sam Worthington. Yet *Spoiler Alert* they ended up staying very much a part of cinema. How fitting then that ‘Bristol Silents Club’ are pioneering those early days of the art form which we all know and love. A focus on the moving image and how to tell a story with these means alone i something which should not only not be forgotten, but celebrated.

This event proves to be a wonderful opportunity to not only meet with likeminded film lovers, but also to educate yourself on the years of when cinema was still in its infancy. There is also the wonderful bonus of an introduction from Dr Amy Sargeant from the University of London.


The Third Man

01/08/2015 – 07:00 pm
The Council Chamber – The Council Chamber, The Civic Centre, Plymouth, PL1 2AA

Carol Reed, Orson Welles, Graham Greene & Anton Karas provide a concoction of four auteurs from various artistic backgrounds all within one piece of cinematic magic, which is arguably the greatest British film ever, made.

Everything within falls perfectly into place and Reed truly did set the blueprint for the genre which is still referenced to this day, most notably with Vera Farmiga’s final scene in The Departed. The soundtrack is a stroke of genius, the power of the canted angle and of course some of the most memorable onscreen monologues ever results in this must-see film. It Joy Division would be impressed with the shadowplay on offer here.


The Fly

31/07/2015 – 07:30 pm
Phantom Cinema – Phantom Cinema, Doncaster Brewery 7 Young St Doncaster DN1 3EL

I remember when I first stumbled upon this film, I was an innocent teen who was a wannabe connoisseur of horror. I had easily dealt with everything Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees & Leatherface had thrown at me, yet all of that changed when David Cronenberg entered my world.

I was on edge from start to finish and the only thing I wanted to do once the credits were rolling was to have a shower and then use insect repellent as deodorant. What an achievement that is by all involved. Jeff Goldblum is as magnificent as ever, but special praise has to be given to effects artist Chris Walas and make-up artist Stefan Dupuis for using Cronenberg’s direction and making that body horror come to life. This will be worth attending just to hear the audiences reactions alone. Go check out the Brundlefly Museum now!


Reservoir Dogs

01/08/2015 – 09:00 pm
Queen Square Car Park Roof – Queen Square Car Park Roof Level 7B, Queen Square Liverpool L1 1RH

The film which made soundtracks cool again, popularised the trunk shot, contained some of the slickest dialogue in years, made walking in slow motion look amazing, pulled off a wonderful casting coup and incorporated some violence which would even make Van Gogh’s toes curl.

We’re all familiar with Quentin Tarantino’s oeuvre, yet with The Hateful Eight’s release date fast approaching, it’s time to revisit his filmic origin and what better place to do that that on the roof of a car park! It’ll be like you’re actually in the picture without having to fear for your life.
Don’t worry, I’m sure that’s just a car backfiring!


Enter The Dragon

30/07/2015 – 07:30 pm
Liverpool Small Cinema – Liverpool Small Cinema, 57-59 Victoria Street, Liverpool, L1 6DE

Enter The Dragon is a film which has become legendary within film circles not only for being Bruce Lee’s final onscreen appearance, but also for being the first Chinese martial arts film to be produced by a Hollywood studio (Warner Bros).

It screams originality and the tremors of its initial release back in 1973 are still evident across the modern blockbuster films of today. Whether you have experienced much form the genre before of not, nothing will ever be quite as exhilarating as seeing Lee in his final battle sequence. This is the kind of film that the summer is just made for!


Narrowing my choices down to just five was such a difficult task as there is just so much on offer throughout the course of this up and coming week across the UK. Honourable mentions have to be for John Waters’ Hairspray which is showing on 1/8/15 at the ‘Incredible Moving Picturehouse’ in Liverpool, The Shining which manages to reach an even higher level on the big screen, this can be seen at Leighton Hall in Lancaster on 31/7/15 and finally a film which I have been keeping tabs on for quite a while but am still yet to see is ‘My Accomplice‘. I’ve heard wonderful things and am therefore very much looking forward to checking out this Brighton based off-beat comedy, which is being shown at Moston Small Cinema on 31/7/15.

That’s all from me, I hope that you all have a fun and productive summer. Remember that if you go to the beach, be sure to take the biggest boat possible. If you would like to hear more of my general film musings, you can subscribe to my podcast via iTunes and you can also stream it directly from our Tumblr site. We’re @FilmBookClub on Twitter & /TheFilmBookClub on Facebook.

Enjoy writing about film? Would you like to choose your top 5 for the week ahead? Get in touch.

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