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Screening Highlights – 25/8: Robots, Runaways & The Real Iron Man



Manchester-based writer and blogger Vis-a-Vis film, picks his 5 screenings from the upcoming week.


With Scalarama right around the corner, there are plenty of fantastic, inventive film events going on around the country, to get you in the mood for a month-long celebration of cinema. Here are my top 5 to look out for in the next 7 days, ranging from iconic German Science-Fiction to the film club where YOU choose what plays…

1. POUTFEST: Blue Is The Warmest Colour – Mon 25th Aug, 2pm @ Cornerhouse, MANCHESTER

In conjunction with the PRIDE festivities in Manchester City Centre, don’t miss the chance to experience the 2013 Cannes Palm D’Or winner Blue Is The Warmest Colour again on the big screen.
Controversy aside, it is a brilliant, unflinchingly raw love story with two of the best on-screen performances you will see anywhere. One of the most powerful, talked about films of the last decade. Unmissable stuff.

2. S4 Film Club – Vol 19 – Tues 26th Aug, 7pm @ Genesis Cinema Whitechapel, LONDON.

The premise is simple…the choice is yours. A vote will be cast on the night to determine which movie is shown.
In the running…
Billy Wilder’s jet-black indictment of the press ‘Ace In The Hole’, Duncan Jones’ inventive Sci-Fi mind bender ‘Moon’, or Hodges/Caine gangster classic ‘Get Carter’. The main feature will be preceded by an eclectic selection of shorts.

3. Metropolis w/ live score – Tues 26th Aug, 8pm @ Gregson Institute, LIVERPOOL.

Fritz Lang’s masterpiece has lost none of it’s awe and majesty, despite being almost 88 years old. Metropolis is quite simply the most iconic vision of the future ever committed to film and it’s incredible images deserve to be seen on the largest screen possible. While we can only pray for an IMAX transfer, see the greatest ever Sci-Fi movie, presented with a live score by The Public Apophenia Council.

4. Tetsuo: The Iron Man– Fri 29th Aug, 6.30pm & Edge Hill Station, LIVERPOOL.

Tetsuo is an assault on the senses & one of the most innovative low-budget films of the 1980’s. Imagine a free-form documentary visual style mashed together with Cronenberg-esque body horror and a punishing industrial-punk soundtrack… an unsettling, hyper-real nightmare.
An essential watch for horror and/or extreme Asian cinema buffs. For anyone else, it will probably leave you clinging to your Robert Downey Jr action figure for dear life…

5. Little Fugitive – Sun 31st Aug, 4pm @ Saffron Screen, ESSEX.

Showing as part of Mark Cousins’ (The Story Of Film) ‘Cinema Of Childhood’ season, unearthing some of cinema’s great under seen treasures. This incredible gem from 1953 places the camera at a child’s height and shows the hustle & bustle of Coney Island with wonder and amazement.
Little Fugitive won the prestigious Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival and was a key influence on the French New Wave and on Truffaut (The 400 Blows) in particular.
Perfect Sunday afternoon viewing.


Jim Alan, better known as Vis-a-Vis film, is a Manchester-based writer and blogger.



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