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Screening Highlights – 1/9: From Shanghai to Budapest

Lady from Shanghai

This week’s picks are by roller girl, film blogger and editor of Lead Jammer mag, Moxie McMurder. Though mad, bad & dangerous to know, she’s clearly someone with a taste for the classics and likes to travel.


When I was asked to choose my top 5 of the screenings for this week I was spoiled for choice, it was hard to whittle it down to just 5.


THE LADY FROM SHANGHAI – Mon 1st Sep @ Hippodrome Cinema – BO’NESS, FALKIRK

Directed by and starring Orson Welles alongside his wife Rita Hayworth The Lady from Shanghai is a stylish noir that is both intriguing and at times surreal.

If you can get past Welles totally unnecessary Irish accent and let the film wash over you, you’ll be surprised where it takes you.
There is a fantastic scene at the end of the film set in an empty funhouse, the scenes were supposed to be much longer but were cut which is a real shame because it’s one of the most exciting moments in film. Seriously, this film is weird but it really is worth your time.


SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN – Sun 7th Sep @ The Light Cinema, NEW BRIGHTON, WIRRAL

I love musicals and one of the very best is Singin’ in the Rain. If you’ve never seen it before you should know just how groundbreaking this film was.
Singin’ in the Rain was the first film to address the magic or indeed lies of Hollywood. Ghost singers had been used in musicals for years, there are plenty of actresses for example, Deborah Kerr didn’t sing any of the songs in The King & I but the women and men who did ‘ghost’ work were sworn to secrecy and were only ever paid for the work, never royalties.

It wasn’t just singing though, once technology had moved on to allow for sound with moving pictures some silent film actors couldn’t move along with the technology, their voices weren’t good enough and this again, is something addressed in Singin’ in the Rain and that’s before we get into that marvelous choreography, songs, comedy and love…awww.



I love a good conspiracy thriller and they did them best in the 70’s. Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman investigate some dodgy dealings which become the Watergate scandal which in turn leads to President Nixon’s resignation. Bit of trivia for you, the William Goldman, the same guy who wrote The Princess Bride wrote the screenplay for All The Presidents Men. There is mystery and corruption at every turn and Redford and Hoffman play their parts beautifully. There’s a reason Redford is so closely associated with conspiracy thrillers, he’s bloody good in them.




If you like films that are a little off centre and draw you into a world you’ve never even dreamt of then this film is for you. Wes Anderson’s latest outing The Grand Budapest has it all, death, sex and comedy all tied up in a pastel pink hotel. Fantastic characters played perfectly by Anderson’s usual comrades Bill Murray, Edward Norton, Owen Wilson and also has a practically unrecognisable Tilda Swinton. The Grand Budapest Hotel is classic Anderson fare, it’s quirky, it’s layered and above all, it’s funny and totally original.


VERTIGO – Sun 7th Sep @ Peckham & Nunhead Free Film Festival /  Rooftop Film Club, LONDON


This screening of Vertigo is being hosted by Rooftop cinema and is free. Yes, you read that right it’s FREE.
Vertigo has surpassed Citizen Kane as the greatest film ever made and while I like Kane I couldn’t be happier that Vertigo is getting the recognition it deserves. It’s a dark and intense film and some have said the closest film to explaining Hitchcock’s relationship with women and the actresses he worked with. Believe it or not Vertigo was a flop when it was first released, this tale of obsession stars James Stewart and Kim Novak and from the get go you’re immersed in this world of death, doppelgangers, dizzying special effects and is just one hell of a story told perfectly. This is one psychological thriller you MUST see.



My name is Moxie McMurder and I’ve been watching films since the minute I left the womb. My parents owned video shop when I was young so I’ve literally been watching films my whole life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Horror is my jive but I like all genres really, but generally speaking the stranger, the better. I’m currently working on creating a UK film website but until then you can find me on Twitter @A_SharedMadness or at my blog:

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