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Changing Ecology of the Film Club

With the Cinema For All national conference coming up, I wrote a piece looking at the importance and evolution of the film club for The Double Negative. excerpt below.

(also worth checking out this piece on the Guardian website by Magic Lantern film club on ‘How To Start A Film Club’.


Though nearly 70 years old, the BFFS interestingly represents a clash of old and emerging models of ‘community cinema’. The challenge for the BFFS is to quickly evolve into an organisation that brings together the traditional model of the (largely rural, predominantly older) film society, derived from village hall committees and workers co-operatives, with the current explosion of bar screenings, ‘pop up cinema’ (a phrase I dislike but have often used myself), special screening events and mini festivals: a new generation of events by organisers taking advantage of cheaper technology, social media and empty spaces to create their own community cinema events.

As the current, nationwide Scalarama festival is proving, there is a huge range of fantastic independent film screenings out there, and by bringing them under one banner, they begin to take on a weight of their own. Unity is strength, as the old adage goes. Whether that’s through sharing practise and resources, championing one another and recognising creativity, or simply realising you’re not alone.


Read the full article here.

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