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Screening Highlights 17/11 – Suspicious minds

This week’s picks are by ex-roller girl, film blogger and editor of Lead Jammer mag, Moxie McMurder. Though mad, bad & dangerous to know, she’s clearly someone with a taste for the classics and a love for the unusual.

Alfred Hitchcock’s Suspicion
Monday 17th November
Jerwood Visual Arts, LONDON, SE1 0LN

Grant, Cary (Suspicion)_03


Suspicion is an excellent psychological romantic thriller starring Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine that’s full of twists and turns. It’s the story of a young woman who marries a man she barely knows and not long after the wedding starts to wonder if he has ulterior motives.
Cary Grant plays the lovable rogue but manages to keep a threatening undertone to his performance. Is he really trying to kill her?

Hellfire Club Going for Gould
Tuesday 18th November

Cube Microplex, BRISTOL, BS2 8JD



I love Elliott Gould, perhaps a little more than I should.  He’s an effortless actor and although the Hellfire Club haven’t announced what film they’re showing yet – it doesn’t matter! You know you’re in for some top notch cinema when Gould is concerned.

Under the Skin
Wednesday 19th November
The Continental, PRESTON


Under the Skin is one of the most visually stunning films made in recent years. With a haunting score and an unusual story that plays out with such creeping uncertainty Under the Skin is an experience in itself.
I’m not a fan of Scarlett Johansson but she really gets under YOUR skin in this role and I highly recommend seeing it.

Blue Ruin
Thursday 20th November
The Cramphorn Theatre, ESSEX, CM1 1JG

Blue Ruin

Revenge films aren’t usually my cup of tea but Blue Ruin is an exception. Known more for his cinematography, director Jeremy Sauliner has limited experience as a director but you really wouldn’t know that going into this film. Blue Ruin feels a bit like a Ben Wheatley film, there’s not a lot of dialogue and you really have no idea where this story is going or how it’s going to end but it’s fascinating to watch.
The film is about a man named Dwlight (Macon Blair) who is seen living in his car, eating out of bins and how he deals with the news that the man who killed his parents is being released from prison. It’s bleak but not depressing, it’s emotionally complex but a simple story and definitely one to watch.


Satyrday 22 November
West Side Cinema, STROMNESS, KW16 3BA


A quiet, understated Irish drama concerning a priest who during confession has a parishioner tell him that he was sexually abused as a child by a priest. This person threatens to kill the priest despite having done nothing wrong. He is told to get his affairs in order because he only has a week before he’ll be killed. The film follows this week. With strong performances from a mix of well known Irish actors Brendan Gleeson, Dylan Moran and Aiden Gillen Calvary is an intriguing story that’s well worth your time.

My name is Moxie McMurder and I’ve been watching films since the minute I left the womb. My parents owned video shop when I was young so I’ve literally been watching films my whole life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Horror is my jive but I like all genres really, but generally speaking the stranger, the better. I’m currently working on creating a UK film website but until then you can find me on Twitter @A_SharedMadness or at my blog: A Shared Madness

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