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Rollerball (1975) @ Sci-Fi Theatre, London – 17th July



A hot, hot July evening, a small crowed backroom in a London pub full of sci-fi fans (and the sci-fi curious). The Space Merchants’ book-inspired SCI FI THEATRE screenings were amongst the first to start populating the Screening Film map, and gave me hope for the future of humanity. Since I was in London for the day I decided to strike out and check out their screening and meet them in person.

The host, Graham is an utterly lovely chap who introduced the film with the passion of someone who loves the genre, and explained its genesis as a short story by William Harrison. The film itself is one I’d also wanted to see, but never managed. I was struck by how much it focused on the puppeteers behind the sport rather than the games themselves, though when we did see them they were pleasingly violent and with their own logical game mechanics. James Caan is great as the captain who’s star is fading.

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