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The Punk Singer @ cubecinema @ 23rd May 2014


I’ve probably changed my mind five times already trying to pin down a favourite screening, there’s a lot of great films we’ve shown that have been memorable for different reasons, but I’m going to go for our first screening of the Punk Singer.

There’s a lot of love for Kathleen at the Cube and the minute we heard about the film we started trying to arrange a screening. After a year we finally got the great news that Dogwoof had picked it up and that were able to screen it from day of release, banzai!

I absolutely love seeing films at the Cube but sadly I end up seeing most of what we screen on a laptop. It’s therefore always a treat to see something for the first time on our screen, from our well loved and squeaky auditorium with a beer and a blanket. Everything just came together that night, lots of familiar folks came down, the film was super, I think everyone loved it, and I don’t remember much after that but there was definitely plenty of cringe worthy dancing behind and in front of the bar and a lot of late night rum drinking.

I also can’t not mention two other fabulously messy nights that featured particularly impressive costumes at the Cube, and left me with patchy memories. January’s I am Divine trash party and the Scratch n Sniff Polyester screening as part of Scalarama in September.

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