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Watch the Skies! Jodrell Bank Observatory, 3rd/4th October 2014


Watching Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey outside was a genuinely emotive experience. I’d never been to Jodrell Bank before, but seeing the ever-incredible Soup Collective’s projection mapped commission onto the Lovell telescope’s inverted dome was truly breathtaking.
Added to this, there was an introduction from one of Kubrick’s scientific associates plus the masterpiece itself. I’d assumed that the audience might be talking over the film in this context, perhaps saving the attention for the next night’s viewing of Ridley Scott’s Alien, but people were transfixed, as was I.
Seeing HAL looming over the inflatable screen, again on the telescope itself, throughout the full length feature was stirring and terrifying.
I saw 2001 again about six weeks later at the Cornerhouse, this time in the more controlled environment of their Cinema 2, and it’s truly one of the best films I believe to have ever been made. This event, by the incredible team at Abandon Normal Devices was exceptional, and was the screening event of the year – huge congratulations again to all involved!

Submitted by Chris Daniels (@unravelfilm)

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