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napoleon dynamite

Promotion isnt my strong point, I know that. I truly believe Screening Film is a beautiful thing, but beyond copious helpings of Twitter, my ability to market the site is restricted by my free time (I work 8 days a week), my marketing budget (moths), and an allergy to Facebook (stubborn I know).

I do however have a shedload of FLYERS. If you’re happy to share them around your film club, cinema, snooker hall, gambling den or Women’s Insitute meeting, then send me your address and I’ll post you a bunch. Be an advocate, tell your friends.

I also am up for an AD SWAP – I can promote your creative cultural endeavours in return for an ad pointed back this ways. 1600 sq pixels of real estate could be yours if you let me timeshare at your Costa Del Interwebs.

Beyond that, I’m open to ideas. If you think you can help audiences find the site, and thus find alternative film screenings near them, get in touch – email Sam

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