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Programme the Cornerhouse – “THAT’S A WRAP”

that's a wrap

At the recent THIS WAY UP conference there were a couple of panels and plenty of discussion around the notion that ” anyone could be a programmer?”. It’s interesting then to now see that the Cornerhouse, for it’s final season before closing, has thrown down the programmer’s gauntet to it’s audience, and asked them to select the films that will say farewell to the cinema in March and April:


For the final season of film at Cornerhouse, we’re giving you the chance to programme what we screen.

We’re asking you to nominate a film you watched at Cornerhouse and tell us why the experience was special or important to you. Did you watch it on a first date? Did you find yourself sitting next to somebody unexpected? Did it lead to a life changing event?

The best stories will determine which films return to the big screen before we close our doors for the last time, so make yours a good one. The only rules are that you must have seen the film at Cornerhouse, and you must tell us your story – not what happens in the film. Our programme team will select the winning stories (film availability permitting) and those behind them will be invited to share their story at the screening.


Read more at the Cornerhouse site here

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