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Robots, Batman and The Thing

Roller girl, film blogger and editor of Lead Jammer mag, Moxie McMurder picks her own top five for this week. Though mad, bad & dangerous to know, she’s clearly someone with a taste for the classics and the unusual.



Horror and Comedy short films from The London International Animation Festival

Monday 12th January

This sounds like a lot of fun.  “40 minutes of the best scary, unsettling, make-you-check-under-the-bed-before-you-turn-out-lights films, and, to help you recover from the terror and forget your fear, 40minutes of the funniest, wittiest, cry-with-laughter-til-you-wet-your-pants films.”
There will also be a talk on animation/programming a film festival which sounds really interesting.



Tuesday 13th of January
The Dukes, Lancaster, The Dukes Moor Lane Lancaster LA1 1QE

In 1927 Metropolis, one of the earliest science fiction films, was made and changed film forever. Made for approximately five million Reichsmarks, Metropolis was the most expensive film made at that point.

Set in a futuristic urban dystopia Metropolis covers themes of class rule, power, industry and love.
In a city divided between the working class and the city planners, the son of a wealthy industrialist meets a woman who prophesies the arrival of a person who can bring the working and ruling classes together.  The film is visually stunning and has inspired filmmakers for generations.





14 – 18 January 2015
Whirled Cinema, 259 Hardess Street Loughborough Junction SE24 0HN

On paper Locke should be the most boring films imaginable but it actually gripping.
Tom Hardy plays Ivan Locke, a construction manager who, the night before a big concrete pour, has to make an unexpected trip (can’t give too much away at this point).

The whole film takes place with Locke in the car, we hear other characters via his mobile phone but his is the only face we see. The strength of the script keeps the film fresh and Hardy puts in a great performance that keeps you glued to the screen.




Grimm Up North Tim Burton Season

15th January onwards
Odeon Printworks

Edwards Scissorhands, Batman, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Sleepy Hollow make up the Tim Burton season with Grimm Up North.
I’m a big fan of all these films and if you haven’t seen these on the big screen then you’re in for treat because Tim Burton is such a strong visual director that his films are larger than life and really deserve to be viewed in a cinema.
Dark romance is always the theme in Burton’s work and each of the films selected for the season have great plots and oodles of charm.


The Thing


The Thing

16th January
Duke of York’s Picturehouse

The Thing is one of my favourite John Carpenter films.  Set in the Antartic, Kurt Russell battles an alien creature that can take the form of any living being…it could be anyone!

The tention is kept high throughout and the special effects are out of this world. It also has the honour of being a really good remake, which is rare. It’s based on a film from 1951 called The Thing from Another World which in turn is based on a novel called Who Goes There.


My name is Moxie McMurder and I’ve been watching films since the minute I left the womb. My parents owned video shop when I was young so I’ve literally been watching films my whole life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Horror is my jive but I like all genres really, but generally speaking the stranger, the better. I’m currently working on creating a UK film website but until then you can find me on Twitter @A_SharedMadness or at my blog:A Shared Madness


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