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Fill the Land with Cinemas! Prepare for Scalarama 2015

Now in its fifth year, Scalarama returns to screens all across the UK this September. The aim of the season is to celebrate cinema in all its forms – that means everyone, everywhere can join in, whether you are a long-established picture palace or a just-started film club. Last year’s season saw over 250 different organisers take part with over 500 events taking place nationwide. highlights the sheer variety of different groups and organisations who are putting on films, and Scalarama wants to not only celebrate this diversity, but also inspire all audiences to engage with films in new ways – finding local venues, discussing favourite films or even putting on your own screening.


It could be in your own home, showing a film to friends and family – but if you have ever dreamed of running your own cinema, festival or club, Scalarama is on hand to provide you with encouragement. In the run up to the season, members of the Scalarama collective will hold workshops entitled I WANT TO BE A CINEMA where like-minded people can meet, learn from peers how to start screenings and establish local support networks. The events kick off at the Glasgow Short Film Festival on Sunday 15 March, before moving to Flatpack Film Festival in Birmingham on Saturday 28 March, Brighton’s Emporium on Saturday 11 April and Belfast Film Festival on Saturday 25 April. All events are free and open to all, with advance booking recommended.

Scalarama is all about people projecting their passion for film. Over the last five years, it’s been inspirational to see so many film groups across the UK working together, united by the same desire to spread their love for cinema. It really feels like there is a surge of film screenings in every corner, as technology unlocks the potential to fill the land with cinemas. It’s a great time to start screenings in the UK right now  – with resources like, the BFI Film Audience Network, Cinema for All and the Independent Cinema Office, there is a huge amount of help out there to get your dream project off the ground.


And that’s what Scalarama is doing in Birmingham this March, at the excellent Flatpack Film Festival. Playing matchmaker, Scalarama connected local video tape enthusiast Viva VHS with East Asian microcinema DVDBANG to create VIDEO PALACE, a DVD and VHS rental store with screening rooms. Open from 26 – 29 March at Vivid Projects, VIDEO PALACE isn’t meant to be a pop-up shop – it will be an action centre that looks to inspire new, interactive spaces where everybody can engage with films. Also in the space, Scalarama is officially launching a new campaign on 29 March entitled VOTE CINEMA – to call to attention the need for active participation in supporting cinema to ensure it exists for future generations – and to get the ball rolling for what might well be the UK’s largest and widest film event ever!

So come along to one of the events, start dreaming big and remember to share your ideas.

Events submissions for Scalarama 2015 open on 24 May, with the season running from 1 – 30 September this year and every year. Follow the season on Twitter @Scalarama or Facebook.

Scalarama is produced by Cinema Nation, a community interest company that encourages and supports all types of cinema. Find out more about them here or listen to their monthly podcast.


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