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The DeLorean Conspiracy

Last week St Donats Arts Centre in Wales screened 80s classic Back to the Future, which prompted me to speculate wildly about it’s importance and prophetic nature.

BTTF (as it is commonly referred to on the conspiracy forums) had already done the rounds last year with high profile ‘event’ screenings at both Sensoria in Sheffield and the (not-so-secret) Secret Cinema. But did either of these events really get under the skin of the text to reveal its true message? The good folk of St Donats were hopefully studying it a little more closely than the £50 a head movie-goers being distracted by the dancers at Olympic Park. Being a time travel film, Back to the Future is fertile ground for conspiracy theories (including yet another 9/11 conspiracy). And within the film itself, Marty is both prophet and active agent, for-shadowing and intervening in future events. Indeed, the sequel, set in 2015, is also extremely prescient in predicting our the modern day.

The very same week, I found another piece of irrefutable evidence that shows BTTF is waaaaaay more than a simple film, and what’s more, it involved our very own government. Whilst in the excellent new Birmingham Library, browsing the parliamentary papers from 1984-85 (as you do), I came across this item – a motion to financially support the De Lorean corporation.



Does this mean that Thatcher and co, despite being busy destroying the miners, invested in the development of time travel technology? Are they in fact responsible for rock & roll and hover-boards (and in consideraton of the previous mentioned conspiracy theories – 9/11 too?). Interpret it however you like, but to me the dots all add up.

If you we’re at the St Donats screening, or have recently watched the film with your eyes truly open, be sure to let me know what other revelations you have managed to decode.

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