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Screening Highlights – Long distance blade runners and Soviet-Cuban style

This week’s picks are by Amy Clarke a film-maker and aspiring film writer from Liverpool.


Blade Runner – The Final Cut

13/04/2015 – 6:05pm

I am unsure how many versions of Blade Runner I have watched. I must have watched the film 10 or more times and seeing as there are 7 versions of the film I’ve probably watched every one at some point. Blade Runner the final cut, completed in 2007, is the only cut approved by director Ridley Scott. I am unsure how big a difference each cut makes to the experience, however with having watched the film on the big screen before I know that a cinema screening is the best way to appreciate the strong visuals of the film. If you have not watched the film on the big screen before and you are a fan of the sci-fi then now is your chance with select screenings showing in Picturehouse cinemas this week.


Kumiko The Treasure Hunter

13/04/2015 – 05:50 pm
Light House – Wolverhampton – The Chubb Buildings, Fryer Street, WV1 1H

This is an interesting one – Kumiko a lonely Japanese woman is convinced after watching the Coen brothers film Fargo that a satchel of money buried within the film is in fact real and she goes on an adventure from Japan to Minnesota in search of the fictional treasure. The trailer of the film plays out as a dark surreal fantasy and has been getting great reviews ever since its premier at last years Sundance film festival. Even stranger the film is based somewhat on a true story of a Japanese woman who was rumoured to have went searching for the fictional treasure from the film Fargo and since has been regarded as an urban legend. The films lead is Rinko Kikuchi who played the Japanese fighter chick in Pacific Rim.


Planet of the Apes (1968)

16/04/2015 – 06:30 pm
International Anthony Burgess Foundation – 3 Cambridge Street, Manchester, M1 5BY

In the classic feature Charlton Heston stars as the astronaut who has crash landed on a planet where intelligent apes rule and humans are enslaved. Whenever I hear the opening of Planet of the Apes I feel now my mind conjuring up the Simpsons musical episode with songs such as ‘Dr Zaius Dr Zaius’ and ‘You’ve finally made a monkey out of me’ – which perhaps says a lot about my young age but I would love to see the original film on the big screen.


I am Cuba

16/04/2015 – 07:30 pm
Liverpool Small Cinema – 57-59 Victoria Street, Liverpool, L1 6DE

The film is an anti-American propaganda film made as a Cuban-Soviet co-production. It was shot before and after the Cuban revolution of 1959 and acts as mix of narrative-documentary and fiction. First off this film is not for the mainstream audience but if you are an aspiring photographer or cameraman go see it. The film is famous for its breath-taking camera shots, the ability for the camera to float through long unbroken takes – all this at a time before light weight cameras and Steadicams. One story is that Martin Scorsese has screened this film privately to work out how such shots where achieved, which perhaps inspired the tracking shots within his film Goodfellas. It is rare for this film to be shown on a big screen so this may be your only chance.


Town of Runners

16/04/2015 – 07:00 pm
Armley Mills – Canal Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS12 2Q

I love a good documentary and hardly ever do you get to watch one on the big screen. The town of runners is about the Bekoji town in Ethiopia which has produced 8 Olympic gold medal winners who altogether have broken 10 world records. The documentary filmmakers perhaps hoping to find a secret answer to why folk from this particular town are so good at running but it is clear from the start that it is only through hard work and a strong desire to escape grinding poverty that drives the town’s success. The film follows three young runners as they go from the school running track to national competitions.

Amy Clarke has been addicted to cinema since she was 14 and made the crazy decision that she would like to be a film director. Since then she has been making her own short films and working in the film industry as a script supervisor. She wishes to make her own feature films one day – she writes about her journey on her personal blog-

Enjoy writing about film? Would you like to choose your top 5 for the week ahead? Get in touch.

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