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Awe Inspiring, Terrifying & Fabulous – This Week In Film

This week’s picks are by Visavisfilm, writer/blogger based in Manchester.


Salon Italia – Pàisà

28/04/2015 – 06:30 pm
Italian Cultural Institute – 39 Belgrave Square, London, SW1X 8NX

For anyone living in London, remotely interested in cinema history, make it your business to follow Rochester Kino. Top drawer programming and insightful introductions /post screening discussions shine new light on cinemas most revered classics and under seen masterworks.

This week, the second part of Roberto Rossellini’s hugely influential War Trilogy – spanning the occupation, liberation and post-war turmoil in Europe- is a series of vignettes showing the confusion, & chaos of the Allied liberation of Italy during WW2.
Shot in Rossellini’s trademark documentary style, utilising many non professional actors, Pàisà is an ambiguous, challenging feat of vision & humanity and one of the key works of the Italian Neorealist movement.


Paris Is Burning

29/04/2015 – 07:30 pm
The Cinema Museum – 2 Dugard Way, London, SE11 4TH

Showing in conjunction with the BFI’s Flare season, celebrating LGBT culture on film, Jennie Livingston’s film is undoubtedly one of the high points of documentary cinema.

‘Paris Is Burning’ is a vivacious, affectionate ‘fly on the wall’ snapshot of a unique place & time…the New York drag scene of the late 1980’s, seen through the eyes of its larger than life residents.

You’ll be amazed by the fashion, attitude & sheer spectacle but also inspired by the frank, sometimes sobering accounts of survival and strength in community.

A film to fall in love with, if there ever was one.


Cheap Thrills – Freaks

30/04/2015 – 07:30 pm
A Small Cinema Liverpool – 57-59 Victoria St, Liverpool, L1 6DE

There’s infamy… Then there’s FREAKS.

This twisted morality tale of greed & betrayal set amidst a community of sideshow performers in a travelling circus was banned for more than 30 years in the UK and is still a force to be reckoned with, even at 80+ years old.

Director Tod Browning was arguably more famous for creating Bela Lugosi’s iconic ‘Dracula’ for Universal -changing the landscape of horror cinema in the process- , but he was first and foremost a true master of the macabre.
Along with the Joan Crawford/Lon Chaney starring ‘The Unknown’, ‘Freaks’ was, and remains a defining film in his career.
The bizarre, terrifying finale is best experienced with an audience…

A cornerstone for horror cinema as we know it today!


Knife In The Water

03/05/2015 – 08:00 pm
Cube Microplex – Dove St South, Bristol, BS2 8JD

Screening as part of the Martin Scorsese presents ‘Polish Cinema Classics’ programme, Roman Polanski’s debut feature is a masterclass in tension and confirmed the directors singular talent for crafting unbearably claustrophobic scenes from the most banal of situations..

An idyllic day out turns into a psychological game of chess when a handsome, if antagonistic young man gatecrashes a couple’s sailing holiday.

An iconic jazz score and crisp monochrome photography by Jerzy Lipman (who shot the first two parts of Wajda’s celebrated War Trilogy) make the perfect foil for Polanski’s masterful & audacious visual compositions.



Cultivate Film – Art On Screen Double Bill

03/05/2015 – 06:00 pm
Joshua Brooks – 106 Princess St, Manchester, M1 6NG

An honourable mention goes to the consistently brilliant programming from the team at Cultivate Film Art.

This week’s double bill continues their Art On Screen season with Sophie Fiennes’ portrait of Anslem Kiefer. Essential viewing on the method and singular vision of an iconoclastic artist.

Followed by The Bruce Lacey Experience, looking at the life & work of a British counter-culture icon.



An honourable mention has to go to Derby Film Festival, which kicks off this Bank Holiday Weekend

Running from Fri 1st May to Sunday 10th, the fest boasts one of the finest, diversely curated programmes you will see anywhere this year.

First half of festival highlights include Wim Wenders’ Oscar nominated doc Salt of the Earth, highly anticipated critically acclaimed festival circuit hits like Listen Up Phillip, The Tribe, Girlhood, and Clouds of Sils Maria.

The festival theme ‘Evidence‘ throws up classic noir in Out Of The Past & Shadow of a Doubt to Chevy Chase cult comedy Fletch.

From 8th of May, the Fantastiq strand includes Lost Soul, the story of Richard Stanley’s doomed adaptation of a The Island of Dr Moreau (a great ‘What If’ with Jodorowsky’s Dune) & the acclaimed Iranian vampire thriller A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night.

A feast for cinema fans!


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