Screening Film


New to Scalarama?

Scalarama is a completely open, inclusive film season – anyone can take part and everyone is welcome.

It’s about bringing people together and raising the profile of all the different types of film screenings.

There’s a range of titles available to book at low / no cost, a public website with all the listings and information, a national newspaper with articles and listings, plus local flyers for different regions. And there’s no cost to take part and Scalarama doesn’t take a cut of your ticket sales.

Interested in getting involved?

If you’re new to putting on films or want to refresh your memory, then check out I Want to Be A Cinema  with lots of information and links about everything you need to know.

Once you’re ready to put on your own screening, have a look at the Exhibitors’ Guide, which is a step-by-step guide to taking part in Scalarama, and check out the list of titles available to book this year.

Further down you’ll also find a section on press and marketing with images, logos, trailers, copy and more for you to use, plus tips and ideas for raising the profile of screenings in your area.

Lastly have a look at the evaluation section. This isn’t about filling out useless forms, but understanding and building your audiences and the more we can do together the more useful Scalarama will be.

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