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Cinema Nation radio – building cinema spaces

Last Monday Resonance FM‘s Cinema Nation (Michael from Scalarama) invited me to speak about Screening Film and  the Moston Small Cinema project. Joining Michael was Muffin Hix from the Lost Picture Show – a travelling film events tent that tours festivals. We discussed the importance of screening spaces, the difficulty in finding them, and the fun involved in creating them together.

One of the things that came up was the sad news that the Star and Shadow cinema in Newcastle has been handed an eviction notice, but what was amazing was the spirit in which they have accepted, even welcomed this challenge, or opportunity, to ‘relocate utopia’. An example that a cinema that is much more than a space, and again points to the power of communities that form around film.

I also got a chance to talk about Screening Film, which Scalarama will be using to map their festival, and to explain a little bit about where it came from. To cap it all off, I even got to pick a song to see out the show with – I opted for The Marcel’s version of Blue Moon, which features on the end credits of American Werewolf in London – possbily my favourite film of all time.

Cinema Nation Radio – episode 11: Building Cinema, Screening Film by Cinema Nation on Mixcloud

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