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This Week In Film: Freaks, Fangs and French Holidays from Hell

This week’s Screening Film highlights come from Jaq Chell (@blowupchurch) – gamer, foodie, goofball.

Jaq is the Operations and Development Manager for Cinema For All, the national organisation that supports and champions community cinema in the UK. She is also the film writer for Sheffield cultural guide Our Favourite Places. Her film heroes are Jacques Demy, Isabella Rossellini, Vivien Leigh and John Waters. She is community cinema’s biggest fan.




05/07/2015 – 08:00 pm
Cube Microplex – Dove Street South, Lower Kingsdown, Bristol, BS2 8JD

Trapeze artist and goldigger Cleopatra marries Hans, part of a troop of sideshow ‘freaks’, in order to access his inheritance. Together with her secret lover, the strongman Hercules, Cleopatra plots to poison her new husband and leave with his fortune, all the while keeping up the appearance of joining the ranks of the other acts in the show. Though initially accepted by the performers, Cleopatra is unable to conceal her dark motives for long… forcing the ‘freaks’ to turn.

Banned in the UK for 30 years, but since a mainstay of midnight screenings and counterculture, Freaks still has the power to shock even the most hardened of horror fans.


Wild Tales

04/07/2015 – 07:00 pm
West Side Cinema – Stromness Town Hall, Victoria Street, Stromness, KW16 3BA

Screening to wowed audiences earlier in the year, do not miss your chance to catch up with the buzz of Wild Tales – an Argentinian portmanteau that stitches together six stories with a common theme of violence, revenge and retribution. At times darkly comic, at others scary and tense, Wild Tales keeps your attention throughout, leaving you wishing for a 7th, and then an extra 8th tale.


Vampire Circus

03/07/2015 – 08:00 pm
Cube Microplex – Dove Street South, Lower Kingsdown, Bristol, BS2 8JD

Vampire Circus was released just outside of the period considered to be the height of Hammer Films, yet despite lacking a big star of the likes of Christopher Lee or Peter Cushing, this gorefest still brings the goods.. and the blood.

A 19th Century Serbian village ravaged by plague is visited by a travelling circus. However, bodies soon start to show up – completely drained of blood. Could the village’s past be coming back to haunt it? You betcha.


La Piscine

05/07/2015 – 02:00 pm
Institut Francais – Cine Lumiere, 17 Queensberry Pl, London SW7 2DT

Lovers Jean-Paul and Marianne have their blissful pool-side holiday in the South of France interrupted by the arrival of Harry, Marianne’s ex, and Harry’s teenage daughter Penelope. As Harry mocks Jean-Paul and attempts to rekindle his relationship with Marianne, Jean-Paul is drawn to the youthful Penelope. Tensions soon come to a head, turning both sexual and violent.

A masterpiece of French cinema, at once sophisticated and primal, La Piscine is perfectly measured film making that treads the line between eroticism and fear.



02/07/2015 – 07:00 pm
Bristol Bad Movie Club – Redgrave Theatre, 2 Percival Rd, Bristol, City of Bristol, BS8 3LE

True 80s children know to this day that if a film opens with the Cannon logo, you’re in for a ride. Specialising in anything with explosions, boobs or muscles bound beefcakes holding the biggest gun imaginable, Cannon Films roared through the 80s and 90s, building a serious back catalogue of both much loved films and box office gold. But it was not to last.

Featuring talking heads Dolph Lundgren, Molly Ringwald, Alex Winter, Franco Zeffirelli and much more, Electric Boogaloo: The Wild Untold Story of Cannon Films gets to the bottom of what went wrong for co-owners Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus – ‘the last moguls.’


Adrift in Tokyo at the Derby Quad, 3 July
A night of Syrian film, music and poetry at The Casa in Liverpool, 4 July

If you’re lucky enough to be near one of these amazing screenings, get up off your sofa and go. There’s nothing better than watching film on a big screen, with other people. Support your local community cinema, film club, village screen or pop-up, and if you don’t have one near by and would like to set one up, get in touch with us at Cinema For All.

Enjoy writing about film? Would you like to choose your top 5 for the week ahead? Get in touch.

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