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In the 4 weeks since the website launched, I’ve been excited to see the pins popping up on the map, revealing an active film culture across the UK. Seeing the first pins in Wales, Scotland, London, Brighton, Nottingham, Birmingham, has felt like watching a strange epidemic spreading across Britain. This week though, something unexpected happened… in Sydney, Australia.

Whilst the tool itself is not restricted to events in the UK, I hadn’t anticipated that I’d see screenings from overseas appearing, at least not so soon, and certainly didn’t imagine that the first one would be as far away as Oz! Suddenly the scale of the project is somewhat exploded, and the geographic ‘centre of gravity’ now lies over the Middle East rather than the East Midlands. This presents a potential problem for the site, meaning that its more important for visitors to set their location (use the menu on the left), but it also shifts our sense of perspective to an international plane. Independent cinema, whether big or small, is a global endeavour. We are not alone.

The screenings in Sydney are part of the Possible Worlds film festival, a showcase of independent film from Canada and US, organised by The Festivalists. The programme looks great – from post apocalyptic Westerns (The Young Ones) to bizarre documentaries (Air Sex) – so should you just happen to be in the southern hemisphere in August, it’s well worth checking out.

Check out the films here.


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