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Week in Film: beauty, brutalism and Bela Lugosi

Yorkshire-based film programmer and event organiser LIFFlaura looks ahead to the next week in film – from swooning teenagers to 1950s wooden zombies, it’s all there in the mix.

This Week in Film: Last days of Spring, first days of Summer

This week’s picks are by Alberto Serna, Spanish boy living in cosy Rotherhithe, London. Y Tu Mamá También (2002) 18/06/2015 – 08:00 pm CUBE MICROPLEX – Dove Street South, Lower Kingsdown, Bristol, BS2 8JD Described as a wonderful poem about the search for freedom, Y Tu Mamá También, tells the story of two teenagers and […]

This Week in Film: Hidden Treasures

This week’s picks have been chosen by Woody, director at Minicine in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Whether we’re talking about the films themselves, their content or the venues in which they’ll be screened, this selection is full of enriching cinema experiences.

This Week in Film: Forces of Nature.

This week’s selection captures versatility amongst the many events Screening Film is advertising. From tongue-in-cheek family animation to tongue-in-cheek French melodrama, this week there is an abundance of variety on offer. Hopefully these select few demonstrate just how much power cinema can have; whether it be through story, cinematography, editing or performance.

This Week in Film: Nightmares & Dreamscapes

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction…except for this week. Mancunian zombies, Hobbits and *very* strange neighbours feature in the Top 5 screening events for w/c 25/5

This Week in Film: Bad Hair and Bad Film

A double helping of science fiction horror, along with some coming of age drama and community spirit. Moved to tears and scared to death.

This Week in Film: From Washington to Nebraska.

Cinema is about crossing geographic boundaries. From Japanese restaurants to dusty American ghost-towns, this week’s highlights present a variety of nationalities and styles of cinema. From political dramas of the 1930s to social commentaries on 1960s Europe, to documentaries about contemporary Eastern culture, there is both quality and quantity on offer at the film events Screening Film is promoting this week.

The Week in Film: Trying to avoid making a Star Wars pun

There’s a healthy dose of horror and exploitation available to see this week, along with a brand new documentary and the odd Oscar-winner

Awe Inspiring, Terrifying & Fabulous – This Week In Film

What do you get when you add a Neorealist masterpiece, a landmark documentary, a notorious horror classic, one of cinema’s greatest debut features and an eye opening art film double-bill? It’s Manchester based blogger/writer Visavisfim’s Top 5 screening highlights for this week!

Screening Highlights: Drums, motels, labyrinths and dreams

This week’s picks are by Alberto Serna, Spanish boy living in cosy Rotherhithe, London. Dreams of A Life (2011) 21/04/2015 – 04:30 pm Phoenix East Finchley – 52 High Road, London N2 9PJ In 2006, director Carol Morley found a discarded copy of The Sun on the London Underground. The paper contained the horrific story […]

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