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Secret Garden Cinema

I spoke to Gemma Morrow and Nicola Green from Secret Garden Cinema, about their upcoming outdoor film season, and the logistics of multi-story cinema….   Tell us a bit about you both – you both studied in Liverpool is that right? We went to school together and have been best friends for over 15 years. […]

Cinemation Podcast Ep 22: I Want To Be A Cinema! + CineClub Film Society MTL

Following on from our blog post about the CineClub Film Society of Montreal, I created a short radio interview with founder Phillippe Spurrell, which is featured as part of the excellent monthly podcast by CINEMANATION. The episode also features a great intro to starting your own film club, and some upcoming news about Scalarama!   […]

Interview with Philippe Spurrell – Cinéclub Film Society in Montreal

Before I headed back home to Manchester, I managed to meet up with Philippe Spurrell and ask him a few questions. You’ll be able to hear more from the interview and more about the Cinéclub Film Society in Montreal on the upcoming Cinemanation Podcast from Monday 22nd June. I’m drinking coffee in the kitchen. A […]

FACT BLOG: “I Built my own …. CINEMA!”

Things you learn from creating your own community film space

Twin Peaks conference – an interview with Dr Kirsty Fairclough-Issacs

This week sees unusual conference take place in the North West. ‘“I’ll See you in 25 years”: A Twin Peaks and Generations of Cult TV will be held at the University of Salford, from 21st – 22nd May. Moxie McMurder spoke to Dr Kirsty Fairclough-Issacs about the conference and the lasting legacy of Lynch’s foray […]

ROOM TO LET – THE GUEST – an with Icon Film Distribution

One of my favourite films of last year was Adam Wingard’s genre-hopping slasher THE GUEST. The film features Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens as David, an ex-soldier who turns up on the doorstep of a family, claiming to have been good friends with their late son. He ultimately is invited into the family, becoming a surrogate […]

Interview with The Badlands Collective

I spoke to Ian Mantgani – filmmaker, film writer and part of the programming team The Badlands Collective, alongside Philip Concannon and Craig Williams  –  about their upcoming 35mm screening of Mike Leigh’s TOPSY TURVY at the Genesis Cinema, London on Wed 21st January. ====== You formed the collective before a screening of Terence Malick’s […]

Interview with New Wave Short Film Festival’s director Derry Shillitto

Neccessity is the mother of invention. When Derry Shillitto and his fellow film-makers felt there was a need for a platform for independent shorts in Nottingham, they created their own festival. New Wave Short Film Fest kicks off on Sat 20th December at the Broadway Cinema Nottingham. I asked Derry a bit about his background […]

An Interview With The Victoria Gallery & Museum

Kirsten Ed talks to Kim Fisher of The Victoria Gallery & Museum, a Liverpool museum that screens films for the community. Here Kim talks about the specifics of their film programme, as well what role she thinks museums and art galleries have to play in the independent film screen.

Cinema Nation radio – building cinema spaces

Last Monday Resonance FM‘s Cinema Nation (Michael from Scalarama) invited me to speak about Screening Film and  the Moston Small Cinema project. Joining Michael was Muffin Hix from the Lost Picture Show – a travelling film events tent that tours festivals. We discussed the importance of screening spaces, the difficulty in finding them, and the […]

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