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Secret Garden Cinema

I spoke to Gemma Morrow and Nicola Green from Secret Garden Cinema, about their upcoming outdoor film season, and the logistics of multi-story cinema….   Tell us a bit about you both – you both studied in Liverpool is that right? We went to school together and have been best friends for over 15 years. […]

Cinemation Podcast Ep 22: I Want To Be A Cinema! + CineClub Film Society MTL

Following on from our blog post about the CineClub Film Society of Montreal, I created a short radio interview with founder Phillippe Spurrell, which is featured as part of the excellent monthly podcast by CINEMANATION. The episode also features a great intro to starting your own film club, and some upcoming news about Scalarama!   […]

Scalarama – 100 Days To Go

Scalarama is coming! Only 100 days to go until September and a whole month of movie mayhem, as film exhibitors unite to turn the whole land into the greatest multiplex the world has ever dreamed, an inclusive season that celebrates cinema in all its forms. From long established cinemas to the newest and boldest film […]

Farewell to Cornerhouse. Welcome, Home

Moving house always feels odd. What makes a house a Home? A final farewell and a playlist to celebrate the move.

Programme the Cornerhouse – “THAT’S A WRAP”

At the recent THIS WAY UP conference there were a couple of panels and plenty of discussion around the notion that ” anyone could be a programmer?”. It’s interesting then to now see that the Cornerhouse, for it’s final season before closing, has thrown down the programmer’s gauntet to it’s audience, and asked them to […]

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