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Mega Drive Movie Club

Dan Farrimond gives us a tour through some films that failed to make the transition to the 16bit screen.

“Nine, Ten, never sleep again” – Wes Craven (1939 – 2015)

A master and innovator of the horror genre has passed on, but his work remains to haunt our nightmares

Is the Film Industry Doing Enough to be Representative?

Now that many of 2014’s successes have slowly rolled out onto the big screens of the UK, the Nottingham Alternative Film Network team decided to look back and take stock of the year’s hits and misses. And one thing definitely stood out: Several films about blind, Deaf or disabled people flourished exceptionally well last year, […]

FACT BLOG: “I Built my own …. CINEMA!”

Things you learn from creating your own community film space

Postcards from Montreal #1 – Où est Saint Denis?

Whilst I like to think Screening Film is rapidly becoming a kind of “Lonely Planent…for film”, despite the odd Oz event, it’s really only the UK and Ireland map which is populated at present. This will no doubt change in future, but for now, beyond our little island, I have to use other tools to […]

Exploring the soft power of film in Nottingham

Thomas Humphrey gives us the background on Nottingham Alternative Film Network, their mission to bring great film to the East Midlands, and how they’re using film to fight xenophobia.

Farewell to Cornerhouse. Welcome, Home

Moving house always feels odd. What makes a house a Home? A final farewell and a playlist to celebrate the move.

The DeLorean Conspiracy

Did the UK government help to fund the production of a time machine that also predicted 9/11?

Censorship and the Experimental Small Press of Manchester

A Savoyard’s First Brush with Censorship is the title of a short film made by Clara Casian in 2014, and is now also the provisional working title of a feature length artist’s documentary that is currently the subject of a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. The initial short film was part of a commission by The […]

Indie Cinema Euro Stars

Watching a film in a country whose first language is not your own is rarely the obvious choice for spending a few hours of any holiday. The idea was a long while in coming the first time I thought to visit a foreign picture house – but once the energy saving lightbulb above my head had […]

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