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Screening Highlights – 1/9: From Shanghai to Budapest

This week’s picks are by roller girl, film blogger and editor of Lead Jammer mag, Moxie McMurder. Though mad, bad & dangerous to know, she’s clearly someone with a taste for the classics and likes to travel. ======== When I was asked to choose my top 5 of the screenings for this week I was […]

Scalarama – filling the land with cinemas!

Scalarama festival kicks off on Monday 1st September, for 30 days of uk wide film screenings – now in it’s third year and even bigger than ever before. It’s stated aim – to FILL THE LAND WITH CINEMAS – sounds utopian (perhaps even naive?) at first, and yet, looking at the map of screenings taking […]

Screening Highlights – 25/8: Robots, Runaways & The Real Iron Man

  Manchester-based writer and blogger Vis-a-Vis film, picks his 5 screenings from the upcoming week. ========== With Scalarama right around the corner, there are plenty of fantastic, inventive film events going on around the country, to get you in the mood for a month-long celebration of cinema. Here are my top 5 to look out […]

Cinema Ergonomics

I spotted a couple of really interesting articles last week, each reflecting on the way audiences experience cinemas spaces. Mark Cousins’ piece in The Guardian (‘Middle-class rules deaden too many arts venues. Let’s fill them with life and noise‘) makes the argument that many great spaces for film are unwelcoming to working class audiences. Meanwhile, […]

Screening Highlights – 18/8: Family Fun and Fantasy

A man well known for his discerning taste, Sam Meech picks five film screenings from the upcoming week.   There are a lot of interesting, challenging, enlightening, alternative film events happening this week: an Ozploitation Double Bill at Derby Quad, the immersive space cinema at The Drum in Birmingham, Nosferatu with a live score in […]

Screening Highlights 11/8: Songs, Secrets and Studio Ghibli

    Looking over the listings in order to try and pick five screenings worth highlighting over the next week, the most striking thing was the breadth of what was on offer. Netflix and television might be on the rise, but the cinema is finding ways to survive in increasingly diverse and fascinating forms. From new festival indies […]

Screening Highlights – 4/8 – Burning books and Wickermen

5 interesting film events taking place this week: 1. BLACK NARCISSUS – Tue 5th Aug @ W London Hotel, LONDON Little White Lies magazine presents Powell and Pressburger’s Himalayan classic as part of their Around The World in 8 Films’ series. 2. RAE SPOON – MY PRARIE HOME – Tue 5th Aug @ Star and […]

An Interview With The Victoria Gallery & Museum

Kirsten Ed talks to Kim Fisher of The Victoria Gallery & Museum, a Liverpool museum that screens films for the community. Here Kim talks about the specifics of their film programme, as well what role she thinks museums and art galleries have to play in the independent film screen.


Events across the country revealing some amazing human stories, as well as new stories being created in a fury of kino activity. 5 interesting film events taking place this week: 1. PARAGRAPH 175 – Mon 28th July @ Maguires Pizza, LIVERPOOL A free screening from Liverpool Radical Documentary Festival. This documentary provides moving accounts of […]

Week Highlights 21/7: WHERE’S MY CAAAAAAAAKE???!

  This is a really great week for film screenings across the UK, which makes it a really bad week to try and choose just five. I’ve given it a go, based on my personal taste, but its probably better to just check out the full listings. 5 interesting film events taking place this week: […]

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