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Cinema Nation radio – building cinema spaces

Last Monday Resonance FM‘s Cinema Nation (Michael from Scalarama) invited me to speak about Screening Film and  the Moston Small Cinema project. Joining Michael was Muffin Hix from the Lost Picture Show – a travelling film events tent that tours festivals. We discussed the importance of screening spaces, the difficulty in finding them, and the […]

An Interview with The British Federation of Film Societies

Kirsten Ed talks to Deborah Parker of The British Federation of Film Societies (BFFS), an organisation that nationally supports the film society and community cinema movement in the UK. Read more to find out what the BFFS is all about, why the internet is important for the local film scene and what Deborah’s ultimate film […]

It began with Townes Van Zandt

My interest in cinema ecology started during my first trip to Berlin in 2008. I was there for a week and keen to find things to do, and so was flicking through a listings magazine. I came to the cinema section. What struck me was how big it was – so many cinemas, each showing […]

This Film Was Shot On Digital

Filmmaker and cinephile Ian Mantgani shares his documentary exploring the ‘tidal wave of digital projection’, and discusses his thoughts on the future of cinema.   WHY DID YOU MAKE THIS FILM? Traditional photochemical film (whether nitrate, celluloid, polyester, whatever) looks beautiful, when projected, in a way that digital cinema does not. There’s a depth, a richness and […]

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