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Screening Highlights – 8/12 – The Night of the Hunter and the Thief of Bagdad

This week I’m choosing 5 great film events for cinephiles, plus i’m invoking my privilidge and adding a 6th, namely my own screening (just this once!).   Monday 8 December 2014 · 6:15pm OPEN BETHLEHEM + DIRECTOR Q&A ArtHouse, Crouch End, Tottenham Lane, London N8 9BT As someone who occasionally makes short documentaries, it’s interesting […]

Screening Highlights – 10/11: The Film That Buys the Cinema

This week’s picks are from Becky Innes (@msbeckyinnes), Programmer and Trustee for the Cambridge Film Trust ( who is also currently researching a PhD in rural community cinema at the Film, TV and Media Studies Department of the University of East Anglia  in partnership with Creative Arts East’s Village Screen rural cinema network in Norfolk. _______________ […]


“What are you gonna be for Halloween? Animal. Idiot! Hippie!!”  (Buck 65, Halloween song) There’s plenty of choice for Halloween screenings, including crap witches, cenobytes, werewolves, a kid-friendly frankenstein, pop vampires, post-modern haunted houses and good old pagan burnings. I’ve picked 6 of the best below. SEE ALL SCREENINGS TAGGED HALLOWEEN   CRAP FILM CLUB […]

Screening Highlights 13/10 – Visions Of The Past/Present/Future

This week is once again filled with fantastic cinematic treats nationwide, for anyone seeking something a little more substantial than the modern multiplex experience. Covering a wide range of subjects from the BFI’s fantastic Sci-Fi season to Black History Month, there is truly something for everyone this week on the map. =========   FIRST WORLD […]

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