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Cinemation Podcast Ep 22: I Want To Be A Cinema! + CineClub Film Society MTL

Following on from our blog post about the CineClub Film Society of Montreal, I created a short radio interview with founder Phillippe Spurrell, which is featured as part of the excellent monthly podcast by CINEMANATION. The episode also features a great intro to starting your own film club, and some upcoming news about Scalarama!   […]

Interview with Philippe Spurrell – Cinéclub Film Society in Montreal

Before I headed back home to Manchester, I managed to meet up with Philippe Spurrell and ask him a few questions. You’ll be able to hear more from the interview and more about the Cinéclub Film Society in Montreal on the upcoming Cinemanation Podcast from Monday 22nd June. I’m drinking coffee in the kitchen. A […]

Postcards from Montreal #1 – Où est Saint Denis?

Whilst I like to think Screening Film is rapidly becoming a kind of “Lonely Planent…for film”, despite the odd Oz event, it’s really only the UK and Ireland map which is populated at present. This will no doubt change in future, but for now, beyond our little island, I have to use other tools to […]

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