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The Silent, The Canted Angle, The Homage: A Brief History of Film This Week.

The summer is reaching its peak and the films on offer around the country are really starting to heat up. There’s films with great introductions beforehand, films in cool new spaces and even showings on rooftops. What more could you ask for?

THIS WEEK IN FILM: Zombies, velvet, favelas and Europe between the wars

This week’s picks are by Alberto Serna, Spanish boy living in cosy Rotherhithe, London. The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) 08/07/2015 – 08:45 pm Roman Gardens, Pepper Street, Chester, CH1 1QQ Like every Wes Anderson’s work, The Grand Budapest Hotel is a visual feast. Symmetrically and exquisitely art directed, the film is also wonderful in its […]

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