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“What are you gonna be for Halloween? Animal. Idiot! Hippie!!”  (Buck 65, Halloween song) There’s plenty of choice for Halloween screenings, including crap witches, cenobytes, werewolves, a kid-friendly frankenstein, pop vampires, post-modern haunted houses and good old pagan burnings. I’ve picked 6 of the best below. SEE ALL SCREENINGS TAGGED HALLOWEEN   CRAP FILM CLUB […]

Screening Highlights – 4/8 – Burning books and Wickermen

5 interesting film events taking place this week: 1. BLACK NARCISSUS – Tue 5th Aug @ W London Hotel, LONDON Little White Lies magazine presents Powell and Pressburger’s Himalayan classic as part of their Around The World in 8 Films’ series. 2. RAE SPOON – MY PRARIE HOME – Tue 5th Aug @ Star and […]

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