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Screening Highlights – 10/11: The Film That Buys the Cinema

This week’s picks are from Becky Innes (@msbeckyinnes), Programmer and Trustee for the Cambridge Film Trust ( who is also currently researching a PhD in rural community cinema at the Film, TV and Media Studies Department of the University of East Anglia¬†¬†in partnership with Creative Arts East’s Village Screen rural cinema network in Norfolk. _______________ […]

Screening Highlights 13/10 – Visions Of The Past/Present/Future

This week is once again filled with fantastic cinematic treats nationwide, for anyone seeking something a little more substantial than the modern multiplex experience. Covering a wide range of subjects from the BFI’s fantastic Sci-Fi season to Black History Month, there is truly something for everyone this week on the map. =========   FIRST WORLD […]

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