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Howe Bridge Leisure Centre Dance Studio

24 September 2016 · 2:00pm

Howe Bridge Leisure Centre Dance Studio, Eckersley Fold Lane Atherton M46 0PJ · Get directions

Organised by: Re-Dock

Certificate: PG

Format: dvd

FREE SCREENING! As part of the GYM JAMS arts event on Saturday 24th Sept, Re-Dock bring you this rarely seen hip-hop cult classic from the awesome Cannon Studios.

Breakin’ is a 1984 American breakdancing-themed comedy-drama film directed by Joel Silberg and written by Charles Parker and Allen DeBevoise based on a story by Parker, DeBevoise and Gerald Scaife.

Kelly is a struggling young jazz dancer and, through her gay friend Adam, she is introduced to two Street dancers, Ozone and Turbo, who have a bitter rivalry with another crew known as Electro Rock, consisting of poppers Popin’ Pete, Bruno “Pop N Taco” Falcon, and Lollipop. They also struggle to overcome scorn from Kelly’s dance instructor, Franco, who disapproves of her hybrid dance style and affiliation with street dancers. Kelly soon becomes the sensation of the street crowds. Through it all, the audience is treated to a variety of breakthrough performances, including Turbo’s “Broom Scene” and Taco’s unique popping solos during the dance battles at the Radio-Tron nightclub.

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