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Chelmsford Film Club presents… Blue Ruin

The Cramphorn Theatre

20 November 2014 · 8:00pm

The Cramphorn Theatre, Fairfield Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1JG · Get directions

Organised by: ChelmsfordFilmClub

Certificate: 15

Pared to the bone, this brooding and bloody thriller, reminiscent of Blood Simple with a steelier underbelly, is full of suspense, barely a word spoken in the first twenty minutes, as we are sucked into a mystery: what terrible event led to a sympathetic man living in his titular ‘blue ruin’ of a rust bucket car? Dwight (Macon Blair) is cunning but inept as he tries to exact revenge for a past wrong, aided by his gun-nut, but totally law-respecting, friend Ben (Devin Ratray). With an ironic twist at the end.

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