Screening Film



ArtHouse, Crouch End

8 December 2014 · 6:15pm

ArtHouse, Crouch End, Tottenham Lane, London N8 9BT · Get directions

Organised by: Jane Smith

Certificate: PG

Format: DCP

Documentary feature ‘Open Bethlehem’ is a story of a home-coming to the world’s most little town. Film-maker and former resident of Bethlehem, Leila Sansour, intends to tell the story of the demise of her home town, but instead is persuaded to stay in the place she always longed to leave. Things change for Leila when her last surviving relative in the area persuades her to start a campaign to save the city. What begins as an informative documentary and a tribute to her late father, gradually turns into a seven-year long campaign to save the city and ensure the survival of its multi-faith society. A Q&A with director Leila Sansour and Jeremy Hardy immediately follows the screening.

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