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Persistence of Memory – Shorts Programme – Glitch Film Festival

Centre for Contemporary Arts

25 March 2017 · 12:00pm

Centre for Contemporary Arts 350 Sauchiehall Street Glasgow G2 3JD United Kingdom · Get directions

Organised by: Glitch Film Festival

Format: Digital

Persistence of Memory – Shorts Programme
Q&A with Director Natalie Tsui

Named from the thought-provoking science fiction short this programme centers the power of memory. Its resonance, eclipse, distortion and persistence. The fracturing effect of both its loss and presence. And the resilience that its retention and exploration can bring.

Emit | Dir. Sammaria Simanjuntak | | 3:54mins | Indonesia | 2016
Love unwinds in a spool of memory.

Persistence of Memory | Dir. Natalie Tsui | 15:48mins | USA | 2015
Do you have memories so painful you would choose to obliterate them if you could? To choose the loss of all memories of love entwined with pain? This film raises both the personal and societal implications if technology made this possible.

Ribbons | Dir. Brandon Cordeiro | 8:46mins | USA | 2015
The sight of a ribbon on the brought forward by the tide turns a man’s thoughts back to his childhood experience of a memorial on the beach.

Ruins | Dir. Mauricio Saenz | 5:21mins | USA | 2014
Mexican artist Mauricio Saenz moves amongst old building ruins in a desert landscape. This video explores the parallels between the construction of physical walls and the creation of social barriers and by evoking the memory of what has fallen reminds that what exists now will come to be destroyed in the future.

See My Dreams Come True | Dir. Vernon Jordan III | 5:48mins| USA | 2016
A young black filmmaker is visited in his dreams by ancestral children who, through their magical alteration of time and joyous playful spirits, remind him to honour his own creativity.

Two Snakes | Dir. Kirsten Li | 9:30mins | Canada | 2015
This beautiful mixture of animation and documentary explores diasporic desires for foundational myths. As the narrator searches through layers of ancient tales that endure into the present they speak of seeking a home in reclaimed ancestry and seeking a self in re-appropriated narratives and finding fragments instead…

Aline | Dir. Anna Karima | 3:19mins | USA | 2016
Aline is an homage to Aline Sitoé Diatta, a Senegalese heroine and fighter against the French colonial rule. Diatta was also a priestess. In this piece her image and story tell a story about black womanhood.

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