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Liverpool Small Cinema

9 September 2015 · 7:30pm

Liverpool Small Cinema, 57 - 59 Victoria Street, Liverpool, L1 6DE · Get directions

Organised by: Liverpool Small Cinema

Certificate: 15

A Small Cinema presents a special programme of independent cinema by 3 female directors from Montreal. Encompassing animation, documentary and drama, and demonstrating three very different approaches to film-making. These directors are linked not only by their city, but by their creativity and independent vision.


WEST OF PLUTO (A L’Ouest de Pluton) – the debut feature by Myriam Verreault and Henry Bernadet – follows a group of suburban teenagers over the course of 24 hours. Bearing comparison to Larry Clark’s KIDS and the work of Gus Van Sant and Richard Linklater, the teenagers navigate the mundanity and absurdity of suburban life, doing the things that teenagers typically do – skating, hanging out in basements, playing music, smoking weed, discussing politics, partying, and forming relationships. Blurring the line between documentary and drama, the film is built upon the directors’ hard-won trust of the young people, who are both articulate and natural in their expression of teenage mores. Indeed, the Pluto of the title is a motif that recurs throughout the film, as science facts are enthusiastically shared by a space-obsessed teen, providing us with a metaphor for the rapidly expanding universe that is the teenage mind.

The film featured in the 2009 Rotterdam Film Festival and also made Sight and Sound critic and BFI Southbanmk programmer Geoff Andrew’s top ten films of the year.


The film will be preceded by two short films, also by female directors from Montreal:

THE DELIAN MODE is a short experimental documentary by Kara Blake about another female pioneer – Delia Derbyshire, who, as part of the BBC radiophonic workshop was responsible for the early experiments into electronic sound, and created what is arguably the first ever dance track, as well as the iconic Doctor Who theme. The film features interviews with Brian Hodgson and Dick Mills of the now defunct BBC Radiophonic Workshop, the founder of Electronic Music Studios Peter Zinovieff, musicians Peter Kember (Sonic Boom), Adrian Utley (Portishead) and Ann Shenton (Add N to X) as well as other friends and colleagues of Delia. We are also proud to present this for the first time in Liverpool.

““A compact 25 minutes, it’s more like a film essay or a visual tone poem than a traditional film; using Delia’s music and words throughout to construct a portrait of her creative process.” Adrian Slatcher, The Art of Friction

and finally – a UK premiere of a fantastic animated short.

KALEIDOSCOPE is a beautiful and surreally comic hand-drawn animation by recent Concordia graduate Catherine Dubeau. Currently charming audiences at festivals in Montreal, this colourful short . Superb character design and trip imagery feature in this tale of a morose man in a monochromatic land who gets a new perspective on the world when he discovers an eyeball whilst bathing.

WEST OF PLUTO (A L’Ouest de Pluton)
2008, d. Myriam Verreault & Henry Bernadet, 95 mins

2009, d. Kara Blake, 25 mins

2015, d. Catherine Dubeau, 3 mins

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