Screening Film


Science Fiction Theatre // CHILDREN OF MEN (2006)

The Castle Cinema

25 September 2019 · 6:30pm

The Castle Cinema, E9 6DA · Get directions

Organised by: The Space Merchants

Certificate: 15

Format: Blu ray

In 2027, following 18 years of global human infertility, the world is a bleak and hostile place. Former activist Theo (Clive Owen) drifts through the violence-riven streets of London without hope or purpose. However, when he reluctantly agrees to help former lover Julian (Julianne Moore) smuggle a miraculously pregnant refugee out of the country, he is unwittingly thrust into the role of all that stands between the human race and its extinction. As the country descends into anarchy and the authorities close in, Theo must race against time to secure safe passage for the humanity’s only hope of salvation…

The film will be preceded by a talk from Steve Ballinger, Director of Communications at British Future, an independent thinktank and charity working on issues of integration, migration and identity, who will explore what the public really think about refugees and asylum.

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