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The Phantom Of The Opera + live score from Minima

The Electric Cinema

30 November 2014 · 3:00pm

The Electric Cinema, 47-49 Station Street, Birmingham B5 4DY · Get directions

Organised by: David Baldwin

Certificate: PG

Format: Blu-Ray

Fast-moving and exciting, this adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera was a truly shocking experience for cinema-goers in 1925. Famous for the ghastly make-up and outrageous performance of Lon Chaney, ‘The Man of a Thousand Faces’, it also features a full Technicolor sequence as the Phantom appears at a Masked Ball.

The electrifying post-rock live score by Minima captures the horror of the story but also finds pathos and romance – drums, bass, guitar and cello follow the hideously disfigured Phantom into his subterranean nightmare world.

Prepare to open your eyes and ears to the daring collision of image and sound as Minima’s unique sonic palette breathes new life into one of the great classics of American silent film.

‘Minima are one of the leading bands accompanying silent film in Europe’ – Robert Rider, Head of Cinema, Barbican Centre

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