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Videodrome + Intro to Body Horror + FREE POSTERZINE!

the Horse Hospital

16 September 2014 · 6:30pm

the Horse Hospital, Colonnade, Bloomsbury, London, WC1N 1JD · Get directions

Organised by: Disposable Cinema

Certificate: 18+

Format: DVD, uncut

On Tuesday 16th September, as part of the SCALARAMA film festival, DISPOSABLE CINEMA will be screening VIDEODROME, an amazing hallucinogenic body-horror thriller by seminal horror director David Cronenberg, of whom John Carpenter (THE THING, THE FOG) declared “better then all the rest of us combined” and who provoked Martin Scorcese (GOODFELLAS) to state “no one makes movies like his.”

Starring James Woods and Debbie Harry (lead singer of BLONDIE), VIDEODROME charts the attempts of Max Renn, director of sleazy late night cable channel CIVIC-TV, to find the origins of a blackmarket satellite T recording known as VIDEODROME. Pulsating television sets, mutant hand-guns and other madness ensue as reality is usurped by the VIDEODROME.

Before this, DISPOSABLE CINEMA will be doing a short presentation on the genre of Body Horror – what it is, what’s so good about it and what it’s highlights have been so far.

Join us for this awesome movie + presentation. Long live the new flesh!

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