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Liverpool Small Cinema

27 August 2015 · 7:30pm

Liverpool Small Cinema, 57-59 Victoria Street, Liverpool, L1 6DE · Get directions

Organised by: CheapThrills

Certificate: 18

Format: Digital


David Cronenberg’s sci-fi horror film about VHS, cable TV, political manipulation, BDSM and censorship is as much a crazy psycho-sexual drama as it is an attack on those that believe TV can change people’s minds.

Set in Toronto in the early 1980s, it follows the CEO of a small television station who discovers a broadcast signal featuring extreme violence and torture. Layers of deception unfold as he uncovers the signal’s source and loses touch with reality in a series of increasingly bizarre and violent hallucinations.

Funny, strange, sexy and deeply odd this is a classic and frightening touch of cult cinema.

The screening will feature drive-in adverts and horror trailers.

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