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Can anyone post events?

Yes. If you’re organising a public screening of a film, or film related activity then simply click on “add/edit events”, create an account and put it up. It’ll go straight onto the site for everyone to see- easy!

What is a ‘film’?

In this context it’s moving image in it’s broadest sense – feature films, short films, arts events with a screening, AV performance, expanded cinema, lecture screenings etc.

What about regular cinema programming?

The aim of the site is to make the least visible aspects of film culture, visible – one off events, often outside of a regular cinema – to that end, regular cinema programming is not a priority. In the future we may look to collate the weekly programming from established indie cinemas, as long as the alternate film scene and events-based stuff remains visible.

I know a good event going on but it isn’t mine, can I post it?

It’s best if you drop us an email with a link, or better still, let the event organiser know about Screening Film too. We want to try and map what’s out there, but it’s best if events organisers post themselves.

How should I tag events?

Tags are really useful to help us share groups of events, and for audiences to find types of screening that interest them. There are no strict rules on how to tag an event, just use your own judgement on this one. Obviously genre tags like “documentary” are very useful, as well anything that will encourage people to come along, such as “Free”  or “Q&A”, if those are applicable. Idiosyncratic tags are also welcome, such as “Pierce Brosnan singing badly” as they make us chuckle. The search function automatically searching film title and venue, so don’t worry too much about that.

Who are you? Why are you doing this?

My name is Sam Meech – I’m an artist interested in cinema, communities and knitting. I’m doing this because I’m fascinated by the idea of an abundance of cinema. My technical collaborators are interconnect/it – they are into making extremely custom wordpress sites, such as this. Also writing and posting on the site is Kirsten Ed, a MA student interested in film, and often angry about the lack of representation found in mainstream cinema.

This is wordpress?

Yes! It’s amazing, isn’t it?

I have some suggestions about how to make the site better – where do I send them?

Brilliant – send them to us!

I have a problem or issue, and these beautifully written FAQs do not cover it…

Again, contact us at

I’d love to contribute to your blog and get my film related thoughts out there!

We’d love for you to contribute to our blog too! Chuck us an email, and let us make this happen.

I’d like to advertise my business / project!

You can use the ad-space at the top, but we want to avoid the generic internet advertising that can be found on all sorts of sites. This advertising is either for local businesses and projects that will be set to the location a site visitor will choose, or anything film related that I believe the visitor will be interested in. Read more here.

Why aren’t you on F*cebook?

Why the hell are you on F*cebook?

Although many people do use it, it’s still a closed network, it lacks transparency, and paying to promote your posts isn’t very democratic. Here we think that we should be building our own tools for sharing information. I’m not saying I’ll never be on Facebook, but I at least want to try. an alternative.

update -2015-01-19 – I’ve set up a facebook page for the site, more to make sure that no one else squats the url.

What about other social media?

We have a twitter account that is regularly updated, so do follow us @ScreeningFilm


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