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The Dark Knight Rises 2012 123movies

The Dark Knight Rises 2012 123movies

The Legend Ends165 Min.
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#123movies #fmovies #putlocker #gomovies #solarmovie #soap2day Watch Full Movie Online Free – Despite his tarnished reputation after the events of The Dark Knight (2008), in which he took the rap for Dent’s crimes, Batman feels compelled to intervene to assist the city and its Police force, which is struggling to cope with Bane’s plans to destroy the city.
Plot: Following the death of District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman assumes responsibility for Dent’s crimes to protect the late attorney’s reputation and is subsequently hunted by the Gotham City Police Department. Eight years later, Batman encounters the mysterious Selina Kyle and the villainous Bane, a new terrorist leader who overwhelms Gotham’s finest. The Dark Knight resurfaces to protect a city that has branded him an enemy.
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The Dark Knight Rises 2012 123movies 1The Dark Knight Rises 2012 123movies 28.4/10 Votes: 1,580,855
The Dark Knight Rises 2012 123movies 3The Dark Knight Rises 2012 123movies 287%
The Dark Knight Rises 2012 123movies 5The Dark Knight Rises 2012 123movies 278/100
The Dark Knight Rises 2012 123movies 7The Dark Knight Rises 2012 123movies 27.8 Votes: 18414 Popularity: 88.235


While it’s clearly not as superlative as its famous predecessor, it’s simply because of both Heath Ledger’s outstanding and Oscar-winning performance, and the character of the Joker’s etching in our collective unconscious as the greatest comic-book villain ever created (with Lex Luthor a very distant second place). This is still a masterwork, and is an excellent coda to the finest filmic trilogy ever made. As great as Christopher Nolan is as a director, and as fine a film as ‘Interstellar’ is, I really don’t know if he’ll ever be able to top his work here, on these three films. But I, for one, am certainly looking forward to finding out…
Review By: talisencrw Rating: 10 Date: 2016-05-26
I personally thought this film is on par if not better than the Dark Knight.

Whilst some think the film is too long for the story I didn’t find this. The length of the film is longer than some (but doesn’t feel it), I liked that the film took it’s time rather than shoving more elements in it – I think this contributed to the dramatic ending (much like a classical piece of music will be relaxed and calm before the final crescendo).

At the end of the day whether you like this film will boil down to if you like films Christopher Nolan has directed and/or you like the Christopher Nolan Batman series so far.

Stupendously good film in my opinion.

Review By: Chris Rating: 10 Date: 2012-07-28
A wonderful conclusion to a wonderful trilogy.
After eight years in seclusion, Batman resurfaces to face Bane, a mastermind bent on destroying Gotham and has ties to Bruce Wayne’s past. Christopher Nolan’s conclusion to his Dark Knight trilogy should be treated as a wrap up rather than a third installment. Despite many new characters being introduced, even their conflicts and motives are derived from events that occurred in the previous two films. Such an approach could be seen as a weakness, since the conflict could just end up being sort of a rematch rather than moving the story forward; however, Nolan’s approach works terrificly. Over an hour is shot in stunning IMAX, but the film is more touching than it is intense… and that’s its best quality. Hardy steps in as the genius mercenary Bane, who is slightly bigger, slightly stronger and slightly smarter than Batman, thus making him a challenge best suited for the grand finale. The Joker works best as Batman’s arch-nemesis since they are polar opposites, with The Joker standing for everything Batman stands against. Two-Face works best as Batman’s most tragic enemy because Harvey Dent is very much like Bruce Wayne… the only difference is: Dent copes with his tragedy through revenge rather than seeking justice as Wayne did. Bane works best as Batman’s most challenging villain because of his physical and mental superiority—forget the Bane you saw in “BATMAN & ROBIN”. Nolan carefully chose all his villains in the series wisely and executed them perfectly. Hardy had big shoes to fill following Ledger’s posthumous Oscar winning performance; while Bane is no Joker, Hardy does a satisfying job and should not be compared to Ledger’s performance as they are completely different roles. It is Michael Caine, however, that delivers the most memorable and touching performance of the entire film. A wonderful conclusion to a wonderful trilogy.

**** (out of four)

Review By: Geeky Randy Rating: 10 Date: 2013-01-01
Awful plot. People in this movie are sheep without character
I don’t get what all the 10’s are about. I don’t see how this movie is a 10, or rather even an 8. There are so many plot holes, the characters are so one dimensional, action sequences OK at best.

Where do I even begin. Banes voice. I admit, I didn’t get what he was saying more than half the time, and even then I had to strain really hard. It was just awful. There were jokes about not understanding Bales growling, but this, this is something else. The movie would have been better without him talking.

Catwoman! Suddenly she feels remorse and becomes goody goody at the end, Oh the lord, this was about as predictable as rain in Seattle(very, if you’re unsure).

Talia, what a big face-palm. Might as well have made a movie when the Batman woke up from a dream at that point. Can the plot get ANY more clichéd? Thanks for popping up the MAIN criminal at the end of the movie, who apparently had the hots for Batman.

Batman, his screen time is mostly groaning and screaming and getting beaten around in boxing by Bane. He becomes a superior fighter by jumping across the ledge? I think that’s not how the body works. There isn’t any Batman stuff at all. Just punching and kicking. Muhammad Ali would have been a better hero to fit that role (Yay, incoming dislikes from people who don’t know who that is). Also, big copter no one can find, yea right.

Sheep followers wanting to get blown up. Ya, because getting evaporated by a nuclear bomb is so awesome that every “mercenary” wants to do it. Oh, but they didn’t know that they’d be blown up.

All policemen going underground like a herd of cows because they want to scout out the underground operations and therefore getting caught. Sigh.

Big fight scenes. Police officers don’t walk in formation with guns against a bunch of mercenaries on higher ground and they all don’t start shooting at point blank range. No. That’s not how police work. Or any modern force with guns. That ONLY works in Lord of the Rings, because they had SWORDS! Who wrote this script?

The other batman movies were good. The first one was great. The second was good too. This one is ridiculous. I don’t know how people can be so blind to so many obvious flaws. Even with that, the best moments in this film are…unimpressive. Did I go into the theater with high hopes. Not at all. I expected average, I was disappointed to not find even that.

Will be ever get another Prestige from these guys? I hope so.

Review By: srikiraju Rating: 1 Date: 2012-07-21

Other Information:

Original Title The Dark Knight Rises
Release Date 2012-07-16
Release Year 2012

Original Language en
Runtime 2 hr 44 min (164 min)
Budget 250000000
Revenue 1081041287
Status Released
Rated PG-13
Genre Action
Director Christopher Nolan
Writer Jonathan Nolan, Christopher Nolan, David S. Goyer
Actors Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway
Country United Kingdom, United States
Awards 38 wins & 103 nominations total
Production Company N/A
Website N/A

Technical Information:

Sound Mix SDDS, Datasat, Dolby Digital, IMAX 6-Track
Aspect Ratio 1.43 : 1 (70mm IMAX – some scenes), 1.90 : 1 (Digital IMAX – some scenes), 2.39 : 1, 2.39 : 1 (35mm)
Camera Arriflex 235, Panavision C-, E-Series and Super High Speed Lenses, Beaumont VistaVision Camera, Panavision Primo Lenses, IMAX MSM 9802, Hasselblad and Mamiya Lenses, Panavision Panaflex Gold II, Panavision C-, E-Series and Super High Speed Lenses, Panavision Panaflex Millennium XL2, Panavision C-, E-Series and Super High Speed Lenses, Panavision Panaflex System 65 Studio, Panavision System 65 Lenses
Laboratory Consolidated Film Industries (CFI), Hollywood (CA), USA (IMAX prints), Technicolor, Hollywood (CA), USA (also prints), Technicolor, London, UK (processing), Technicolor, New York (NY), USA (processing)
Film Length 4,331 m (Portugal, 35 mm), 4,473 m (Spain)
Negative Format 35 mm (also horizontal) (Kodak Vision3 250D 5207, Vision3 500T 5219), 65 mm (also horizontal) (Kodak Vision3 250D 5207, Vision3 500T 5219)
Cinematographic Process IMAX (some scenes), Panavision (anamorphic), Panavision Super 70 (some scenes), VistaVision (some scenes)
Printed Film Format 35 mm (Kodak Vision 2383), 70 mm (horizontal) (IMAX DMR blow-up) (Kodak Vision 2383), D-Cinema

The Dark Knight Rises 2012 123movies
The Dark Knight Rises 2012 123movies
The Dark Knight Rises 2012 123movies
The Dark Knight Rises 2012 123movies
The Dark Knight Rises 2012 123movies
The Dark Knight Rises 2012 123movies
The Dark Knight Rises 2012 123movies
The Dark Knight Rises 2012 123movies
The Dark Knight Rises 2012 123movies
The Dark Knight Rises 2012 123movies
Original title The Dark Knight Rises
TMDb Rating 7.8 18,414 votes

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